Gina Tricot takes a stand for equality  

March 8 is International Women’s Dayand in conjunction with that,Gina Tricot will start selling One Bracelet online and at each of itsnearly 200 stores. One Bracelet was exclusively designed for UN Women to support the vision of equality in society and ending violence and discrimination against women and girls.

“It’s no secret that Gina Tricot invests in women. The company has around 1,900 employees, 98 per cent of whom are women. Our target group is also women. The collaboration symbolizes the strength of our convictions, which is important to our employees and customers alike. It also creates a sense of pride that runs to the very core,” says Anna Appelqvist, Purchasing & Design Manager, who has worked at Gina Tricot since its start in 1997.

For several years, Gina Tricot has been involved in a close collaboration with UNICEF. As part of our CSR initiatives, we would now also like to focus on women’s rights.

One Bracelet was launched in cooperation with the Swedish National Committee for UN Women in fall 2015 and it is now available for sale in several European countries. Gina Tricot sends all revenue from the sales of One Bracelet to UN Women’s efforts around the world.

“We’re happy and thankful that Gina Tricot has chosen to collaborate with us. By selling One Bracelet, the company demonstrates that it is taking a stand for women’s and girls’ rights. Equality, after all, is a basic human right,” says Maria Andersson, Project Manager for One Bracelet.

One Bracelets will be available for sale at all of Gina Tricot’s stores and online at starting on 8 March, which is International Women’s Day.  In conjunction with the launch, Gina Tricot will be promoting several strong internal ambassadors in social media and online, with the message, “Gina Tricot creates strong women!”